Telecommunication Tower Installation undertaken by Sunercom Projects include complete construction of access roads, foundation works, erection of towers by incorporating the company’s expertise in special environments. The Tower foundation types were depending on load combinations and soil conditions.

Towers were installed in various locations in Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM – Republica Macedonja. The company has installed towers from 15 – 90 meters on the ground, on roof tops and on base stations. We have errected masts with or without the assistance of mobile cranes

Our work experience includes the following:

  • Assembly and installation of large microwave back bone antennae
  • Foundation work
  • Access Roads
  • Base station installation
  • Removal of large microwave antennae from existing tower structures
  • Dismantling condemned lattice mast structures
  • Installation of antenna brackets underneath monopole type tower platforms
  • Installation of all type of Tower structures
  • Upgrade and removal of lattice mast structures with RF and microwave still live
  • Antennae upgrades and cut-overs on roof top type sites.
  • Optimisation of newly installed roof top type RF antennae.
  • Installation of feeder trays and conduit piping to bottom of bridge structures