Aquaculture is a great way for qualified investors who are not risk averse to diversify part of their portfolios away from traditional investments.

The potential for excellent rates of return on investment are present; internal rates of return of 20-30% over a ten year time frame are achievable in well-managed projects and companies.

While investing in aquaculture can be a tricky business, Sunercom Projects can help sophisticated investors to learn the business and the potential pitfalls. While fish farming or aquaculture may appear highly technical to many qualified investors, it is still a business at its core and from this perspective it’s really no different from any other alternative investment that may be under consideration. By performing some basic due diligence, the investor with the help of Sunercom can easily setup a state of the art aquaculture.

Worldwide demand for aquatic products is sharply increasing.

  1.  the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that per-capita consumption of      these products should rise from the current 16 kg/year to about 20 kg/year in 2030.
  2. the world population could exceed 8 billion people by that time.

Total fish consumption would thus be around 150-160 million tons. It is estimated that constant maximum annual marine capture yield will amount to 100 million tons. “Aquaculture should thus be able to meet most of this increased demand.”

We believe that the investment on new state of the art facilities for aquaculture with sea cages of a established and proven aquaculture fish species like barramundi (Asian sea bass) (Lates calcarifer) and Sea Bream should can lead to investment returns of 20-30% and profits. We cooperate with global leaders in barramundi and Sea Bream aquaculture that can transfer technology and provide aquaculture leadership to the Persian Gulf and elsewhere.

It is anticipated that cage aquaculture technologies can be promoted on a large commercial/industrial scale in the Persian Gulf coast as these waters are known to have suitable natural productivity, water quality and rearing temperatures in the area. Aquaculture will help reduce pressure on traditional capture fishing operations and the coastal environment and its beauty will be least affected by these operations.

Sunercom has proven knowledge in both the construction and the overall investment in Aquacultures. If interested in investing in Aquacultures please feel free to contact us for details.